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A gateway to your continent

A compelling gateway to your continent, the Club provides you with the opportunity to coordinate your actions to best defend your interests, while taking into account the specificities of your direct environment.

Mohamed El Kettani

That this event has been so successful, and within such a short period of time, underlines the importance of such an initiative. It clearly meets the aspirations of Africa’s entrepreneurs in terms of sharing their experiences, exploring new partnerships and transferring skills. It is important that this Forum now builds on what has been achieved, that interpersonal, cultural and business ties are strengthened and that participants increasingly feel a sense of belonging to a single communitywith a common vision.

What could be more appropriate than a club that is dedicated to cultivating this fertile ground, nourishing these affinities, encouraging the emergence of development projects and nurturing innovative ideas that give rise to sustainable development projects?  

As Africans, the time has come for usto strengthen our ties in an informal environment and give free rein to our entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. All of us have the ability and the determination to do so. Africa Development Club, which is intended to be a forum for meeting and networking, is entirely in tune with this ethos.
This Club, which is a genuine gateway to the entire continent, enables you to coordinate your various initiatives and ‘fight your corner’ as best as possible, while taking into consideration the specific characteristics of your local environment.

The Club also allows you to attend high-quality leadership training sessions as well as providing a wealth of information that is constantly updated to enable you explore and develop new avenues for wealth creation. It aims to promote the attributes of each country from the African continent and identify productive investment opportunities in order to make it easier for those businesses with local operations to connect with each other. The Club’s role is to be a catalyst for sustainable growth and balanced development for the well-being of all Africans.

Africa Development Club, which is open to all businesses with operations in Africa,whatever their nature, endeavours to meet the needs of its members by adopting a collective, local and exclusive approach. To achieve this, we are pleased to welcome you to our representative offices in North Africa and in the CEMAC and WAEMU regions.

I wish you much success in your projects. Welcome to the Club !

Mohamed El Kettani Attijariwafa bank Group - Chairman